Producer Case Study: Coco Chemistry

Welcome to the latest TOB Producer Case Study! In this series you can get to know members of our TOB family of producers a little better, and find out how working with us has made a difference. Don’t forget, every order you place helps the 35 independent producers that supply us – thank you for supporting small business!

Meet the Producer

Richard and Julie, the masterminds behind Coco Chemistry, are both former chemists who now put all their considerable skills into developing the finest and most irresistible goodies. Richard, a product development scientist with a supercharged sweet tooth, says “Working with chocolate is the natural choice for a chemist, it’s full of science and crystals and gives me a stage to geek out on!” We absolutely love this – such a cool way to follow your passion in a different direction!

Welcome to the family

Team TOB can never resist high-quality chocolates, so we always keep an eye out for new sweet treats to add to our range. Taste of Bath MD Helen Rich says, “When we first met with Coco Chemistry we were on the hunt for a chocolatier who could supply us with something really different and exciting, and Coco Chemistry definitely tick that box – they’re endlessly creative and always innovating, whilst preserving seriously high standards. They’re also super reliable and great to work with – you’re not meant to have favourites in your family, but these guys are so lovely to work with, they’re definitely one of our favourite producers – shh, don’t tell anyone…”

No ordinary supplier relationship

One of the things we’re most passionate about at TOB is introducing more people to the incredible diversity of food and drink made in our local area. We love to discover delicious new things and share them with the world! Combining all sorts of different products together in one hamper means our customers get to try things they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

As Coco Chemistry themselves have said, “Taste of Bath has really widened our reach to a new customer base. Being part of a broader food offering gives us the opportunity to reach customers with a savoury palate, who may otherwise not have the opportunity to experience our chocolates!”

The sky’s the limit

Coco Chemistry is a real-life Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – full of brilliant chocolate boffins coming up with new ideas all the time! While it’s a challenge to recruit skilled professionals that will keep up with the pace, the high standards pay off in the exceptional quality of their products. Coco Chemistry have just extended their production kitchen in order to be able to bring even more exciting new products to market – so watch this space…

Business customer? You can find out more about how your orders help to support our independent producers, and all the other Corporate Social Responsibility benefits to ordering from Taste of Bath, on our dedicated page here!

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