Unwrap our gorgeous new packaging…

We want to make sure our packaging is always worthy of the gorgeous goodies inside, so we’ve redesigned our classic cardboard box! We know that plenty of our customers choose the low-cost cardboard box option, because they want to save their pennies for the treats inside – but we wanted to make sure that if you’re sending a gift, it still looks beautiful when it arrives.

Our fabulous NEW cardboard box is printed inside and out, with a stunning artist’s map of Bath on the bottom (look out for some of Bath’s most famous landmarks, and Taste of Bath HQ too!), Taste of Bath ‘wallpaper’ on the inside and a few other cheeky little details too.

On the practical side of things, the new boxes have a built-in seal strip to make sure your goodies are safe and sound while they’re travelling, without the need for any ugly parcel tape on the outside of the box.

AND although our boxes are new, they’re still made with a minimum of 70% recycled material, and they’re 100% recyclable once you’ve finished with them!Because we’ve given our cardboard boxes a serious upgrade, to make sure they’re not just pretty but practical too, you’ll notice that there’s now a charge (just £2!) for this packaging option – we hope you’ll agree that they’re worth it.

Of course, if you’d rather splash out a little on the packaging, you can still choose our signature Taste of Bath gift box, tied with a satin ribbon, or one of our handmade English apple crates, although you’ll notice that these more expensive packaging options aren’t available for our smaller ready-made hampers.

As always, when it comes to Create Your Own, everything is up to you – so if you can’t find the perfect combination of options in our ready-made hamper shop, why not Create Your Own hamper?

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