Producer Case Study: Round Hill Roastery

Welcome to the latest TOB Producer Case Study! In this series you can get to know members of our TOB family of producers a little better, and find out how working with us has made a difference. Don’t forget, every order you place helps the 35 independent producers that supply us – thank you for supporting small business!

Meet the Producer

Having started out as a potwash and made his way through catering college, it was while he was working front of house in restaurants that Eddie Twitchett developed a keen interest in improving the coffee service. In his own words, “one thing led to another and I found myself in a garage with a 1 kilo roaster, loads of ideas and no experience!” Named for a local landmark, Round Hill Roastery grew through trial and error, experimenting and learning the ropes as they went along, and drawing inspiration from the farmers they worked with. Now they have a network of close relationships with regular suppliers and buy coffee in line with their growing seasons around the world, to bring us and their lucky customers the freshest and most delicious coffee possible.

Welcome to the family

Round Hill Roastery are long-time regulars at the Bath Farmers Market, and that’s where Eddie met TOB founder Helen – although this was back when she was known as Bath’s resident ‘pâté lady’, running her previous business Rich Pickings!

Helen says, “Way back in my Bath Farmers Market days, I got to know Round Hill Roastery as we’d often have stalls next to each other – and working food markets means early mornings, hard work and often chilly weather, so good coffee is absolutely essential! I’ve always been a discerning coffee drinker (ok, a bit of a coffee snob!) but when I tried Round Hill’s coffee, I knew it was something special. They’ve been with us since the start, and for the last few years have given us sole rights to sell their incredible Limited Edition BATH Coffee outside the city so we can share the love!”

No ordinary supplier relationship

It’s no surprise that Taste of Bath and Round Hill Roastery work so well together when we share some fundamental values – most importantly, a passion for working closely with talented producers. For Roundhill, that means developing real relationships with the coffee farmers who supply their beans, and telling their stories, to make their link with customers as direct as possible – which is exactly what we’re passionate about doing at Taste of Bath!

We’re constantly inspired by the way they do business at Round Hill Roastery, and with their special BATH Coffee consistently topping our bestseller list, it’s clear our customers can’t get enough. For Round Hill themselves, one of the best things about working with TOB has been the exposure – Eddie says, “Sitting side by side with so many of our favourite local products from local producers is a dream.”

The sky’s the limit

Working in the food and drink industry, you often have to think one, two or three steps ahead to keep your business moving, so Round Hill Roastery are always looking to the future! As well as planning coffees for 2024 with their existing farmers, they’re currently working on a new relationship in Brazil for an espresso line that creates a proper closed loop from farm to customer, with direct deliveries to local Somerset customers – so coffee lovers, watch this space… 

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