Client Case Study: Future Wealth Management

Who is the client?

One of the leading wealth management organisations in the UK, Future Wealth Management provides a wide range of services for clients looking to build, grow, protect or preserve their wealth.

What’s the brief?

Taste of Bath are privileged to have a particularly special relationship with Future Wealth Management, providing totally bespoke, unique gifts for every single recipient – so the brief is different every time! We provide a number of hampers every month for birthdays and other occasions, and Christmas hampers too.

How do Taste of Bath help?

Each FWM hamper is tailored to that particular recipient, with unique personalisation just for them. We always provide branded postcards with a personal message, and branded Meet the Producer cards to explain which products are included, and every FWM hamper is tied up with a beautiful blue and gold ribbon, to match their branding, which we don’t use for any other client. After that, each hamper is totally different, from £30 to £300!

We help to choose a thoughtful selection of food and drink for each hamper, taking into account dietary requirements and everything FWM knows about the client’s personal preferences, and FWM often provide us with a variety of extra branded items to include as well, such as reusable bottles or wine coolers. Everything is geared towards making each client feel personally seen and appreciated.

Why choose Taste of Bath in this case?

Future Wealth Management provide incredibly specialist advice that’s utterly bespoke to each client – so naturally, they’re looking for the same approach to business gifting.

In an industry like wealth management, where clients must place a huge amount of trust in their advisers, it’s absolutely crucial to build up a genuine, long-term relationship. Taking the time to send thoughtful, personal gifts is one of the ways that FWM reassures clients that they’re in safe hands, with their own particular situation, motivations and ambitions all carefully considered. As a smaller business with a flexible team and personal approach, Taste of Bath is proud to be able to provide this kind of ultra-bespoke service.

Not only do the gifts need to be bespoke, but the quality must be outstanding, to reflect the quality of FWM’s own services and represent the company to discerning clients with extremely high standards. We’re up to the task because we choose only the very best food and drink for our hampers, from highly skilled artisan producers all located within 25 miles of Bath – which is perfect for FWM, because one of their main offices is right here in the city (with more across the South West) so they can celebrate their roots with our hampers too.

Future Wealth Management’s testimonial

“Working with Taste of Bath has been great from the start. We wanted to use a local business to support us with giving our clients something special, and we receive great feedback from all our clients. We look forward to continuing to work with Taste of Bath!”

Jack Coleman, Practice Development Manager

It’s safe to say that our hampers have also made a fabulous impression on FWM’s clients too, as this lovely thank you note shows…

“Please do pass on our thanks to the company you used in Bath to make up the wonderful hampers you kindly gave us for Xmas! The boxes were stylish and of course the contents were just amazing and so delicious. I can honestly say that it was probably the best hamper we have ever had! If I had to single out just two products for special mention, then the Bath Soft Cheese and the Blue Cheese & Red Wine Nibblets were simply scrumptious.”

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