The Taste of Bath Guide to Eating in Bath

As promised, we’re bringing you the second instalment in our two-part series on eating, drinking and making merry in Bath – check out our previous blog for all our top drinking recommendations! This time, by popular demand, we’re bringing you Helen (and the Taste of Bath team)’s favourite spots for eating out in the city – as you can probably imagine, this one was quite hard to narrow down…



Nothing beats going out for the most important meal of the day, and when we want to start the day right, we start it at The Green Bird, Same Same But Different or Café Walcot. You’ll often spot the Taste of Bath team having their monthly meeting over breakfast at The Green Bird (it’s their fabulous French toast for Sal, while Helen loves their almond milk porridge with extra chocolate chips), which is a cosy, friendly little spot on Margaret Buildings. Same Same But Different has a whole menu of breakfast classics, but it’s the eggs that really stand out for us – there are loads of different yummy options, but their picante poached eggs are Helen’s favourite. Café Walcot, meanwhile, is a gorgeous light and airy space that forms part of Walcot House (where you’ll find everything from fitness classes to club nights) and serves up killer homemade baked beans.

Coffee & Cake


If you need a mid-morning (or mid-afternoon) pitstop, Bath is packed with great cafes and coffee houses – our favourites include Society, Colonna & Small’s , and Sweet Little Things. Society makes excellent coffee (and has some fabulous hot chocolates on the menu too – a particular favourite of our social media guru Jade) and serves up the most incredible chocolate brownies, whilst serious coffee nerds will definitely want to hit Colonna & Small’s, where each carefully-selected coffee on their regularly-changing menu is made differently according to its unique profile. Sweet Little Things, meanwhile, is one of Emma’s favourites for afternoon tea – it’s irresistibly pretty with all sorts of stunning cakes on the menu (and caters really well for those with dietary requirements, too).



Helen absolutely loves to go out for lunch, so picking just a few favourites was a real wrench. Framptons serves a great all-day brunch with some mouth-watering options outside the usual classics, and just around the corner Koffman & Mr White’s, at The Abbey Hotel, has a fantastic prix fixe menu at lunchtime – if the confit duck with puy lentils is on there, we highly recommend you try it. For a more informal lunchtime vibe, Thoughtful Bread is our favourite café, with loads of delicious sandwiches on the menu (made with their own fresh bread, naturally) or if you fancy getting fancy, Helen reckons The Ivy is very hard to beat, with some gorgeously luxurious dishes bursting with flavour – and you may be surprised by how reasonably-priced their lunchtime set menu is. 

Small Plates


Whether you fancy a feast of nibbles or you’re filling in that peckish space between lunch and dinner, Bath has some scrumptious spots for small plates at the moment. The Beckford Bottle Shop (which also got a shout-out in our Drinking Guide) has a delicious, ever-changing menu of really creative small plates, and always features lots of fabulous local ingredients which we love to see. Pintxos, meanwhile, is one of Helen’s very favourite places in the whole city, with an absolutely mouth-watering menu inspired by the Basque Country and a beautiful courtyard for sitting outside in the summer (if you’re there on a hot day, Sal highly recommends you try their white sangria too).



Last but by no means least, when it comes to dinner Corkage and Chez Dominique are two of our favourites. Corkage is another gorgeous small plates restaurant, but their take on small plates is slightly more substantial and inspired by the freshest and most delicious British ingredients – their wine list is phenomenal too. Chez Dominique, meanwhile, is a friendly little French restaurant on Argyle St that’s perfect for date night – treat yourself to their chateaubriand if you’re pushing the boat out, but take note that the onglet steak which almost always features on their prix fixe menu is blooming incredible too.

Where’s your favourite place to eat out in Bath? Is breakfast the best meal of the day, or do you prefer a long lunch or perhaps a luxurious afternoon tea? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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