Guest Blog – Wedding Gifting


We’ve all heard the saying ‘man to man’ – an informal, straight talking conversation between friends. Well, this is ‘Groom to Groom’ – an informal, ideas sharing platform between Groomsmen.

So how does it work? Groom to Groom shares inspiration of the latest trends and artisan makers in the wedding industry all focused on the Groom. From the suit to the stag and anything in between. They love to work with bijou companies to showcase what there is out there for guys and, how easy it is to find these places if you know where to look.

So without further ado, allow us to introduce Groom to Groom…

This week’s guest blog is one that’s really close to my heart… or should I say stomach! For those foodies amongst you, listen up, this one’s QUALITY. BRANDED. PERSONALISED.


When my wife was lucky enough to receive two gift boxes from Taste of Bath and I found myself hastily rummaging through the locally sourced produce, I knew I had to catch up with founder Helen to understand the ethos behind such a bespoke product.

Taste of Bath told me that the company’s vision was simple, ‘To create memorable, delicious gifts using the best of Bath’s local grub, whilst supporting small local producers.’ adding, ‘Every product in our gift boxes is selected for its quality: every morsel in your hamper will be enjoyed, savoured and remembered! Using only the finest quality products means any Taste of Bath gift you send makes an excellent impression and reflects well on you.’

This got me thinking… Quality, local products to be savoured and remembered, all in a neatly branded box with a personalised message from the customer, this is wedding present territory surely?!

mr & mrs

I asked Taste of Bath if the company created bespoke wedding boxes and if you could hand-pick the produce? The answer was YES! ‘If you’re feeling that you want something unique, you can create your own, choosing between one of our branded Bath Boxes or a gorgeous wooden apple crate and filling it with carefully selected treats from throughout the range.’

Not sure what to select, or just want to keep it simple, leave the hard work to the Taste of Bath team, with their number one recommendation being the Luxury Bath Box, packed with all the very best food and drink from the local area, it’s foodie heaven in a box, and makes the perfect present for a seriously special occasion.

So, what about for us Grooms I asked? What’s on the treat menu? I quickly found that I should have re-phrased the question… What isn’t on the menu?

Are you like me and enjoy a little tipple on an occasion? Are you into pale ale, cider, gin, vodka or wine? You’re in good hands! Or perhaps it’s the munch you crave? Cheese, biscuits, chutney, nuts, hot sauce, CHOCOLATES! Oh, the chocolates! Perhaps you’re a coffee connoisseur, a tea lover or a granola guzzler? The list goes on! Ultimately, I came to realise, if I had received a Taste of Bath box on my wedding morning, I’d have definitely been a very happy Groom!


But, can Taste of Bath cater for my bride? Does ultra-premium British vodka with summer strawberries and fresh peppery basil sound like her thing? Or, how about Wild Rose Gin with a lightly sparkling wild fusion of raspberry and blackberry, all set off with a unique rose extract? Maybe wifey- to-be is a chocoholic? What about a milk chocolate enrobed honeycomb? A creamy milk chocolate made from the finest Costa Rican Chocolate – this honeycomb melts in your mouth! It’s like a luxury adults Crunchie bar!

I think it’s fair to say, whatever you’re looking for, whether it be a present for your wife-to-be, your groomsmen, or even a gift for your parents, Taste of Bath really do have it covered.

So how does it work?

Simply head over to and start browsing. You’ll find it easy to discover the delicious selection of local produce and begin creating your box.

Whether you decide to have it delivered directly to you, ready to gift to that special someone on the day; have it waiting in your room, for a midnight feast after you’ve danced the night away; or if you’re looking to extend the celebrations, it can be ready for you to indulge when you arrive home from honeymoon, to start married life in the best way possible!

After all, as someone wise once (almost) said, ‘All you need is love (and a Taste of Bath hamper)’.


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