Taste of Bath at Pub in the Park

Regular readers will know that over the past few months at Taste of Bath HQ, we’ve been really looking forward to the city’s first visit from Pub in the Park, a fabulous festival celebrating brilliant music and the most amazing Michelin-starred food. Taste of Bath worked closely with Pub in the Park in the run-up to the event, to provide that essential local connection, and anticipation was running high by the time the weekend itself rolled around.

Ping opening hamper
A glimpse inside our fabulous chef hampers, as local legend Ping Coombes unpacked hers!

As part of Taste of Bath’s support for the event, before everything kicked off on Friday evening, Helen visited each chef behind the scenes to personally present them with a gift box full of brilliant Bath goodies, to show these foodie superstars just how much this area has to offer when it comes to outstanding artisan produce. Each hamper included Electric Bear beers, Honeys Midford cider, Somerset Hotsauce, Henny & Joe’s chai and Bath Farm Girls quinoa, among many other treats. Any top chef will tell you that good ingredients are quite simply crucial, and they’re always on the lookout for fresh, original, local goodies – so naturally, they all absolutely loved the Taste of Bath concept. Emily Watkins thanked us for the ‘huge box of delicious treats’ and Paul Ainsworth called it ‘the best present’ – whilst our own local superstar Ping Coombes tweeted about how much she loved the Seven Hills chocs we included! Honeycomb smothered in chocolate, they’re a new addition to our hampers and we have to agree with Ping, they’re amazing – order yourself some here.

Helen and Paul
Helen and the absolutely lovely Paul Ainsworth!

All in all, it was a fabulous opportunity to show off the best of Bath’s produce to some of the country’s most brilliant chefs, and we were delighted to give the Taste of Bath producers such a fantastic platform. As James from Somerset Charcuterie said, “Great to be part of the Taste of Bath package.  What other opportunity would get our product in front of so many influential people from the world of food?” We’re also glad it wasn’t just us feeling a little bit starstruck – Steph, the brains behind In A Pickle, wrote to us: “What an amazing opportunity you have provided for us here at In A Pickle, mainlining straight into a host of celebrity chefs, I am chuffed to bits to think of Tom Kerridge eating In a Pickle Lily!”

Duck Spring Roll
A scrumptious duck spring roll, almost too pretty to eat!

Of course, as well as working hard all weekend to represent Bath’s best, we did find a bit of time to enjoy Pub in the Park too. The music was brilliant, but unsurprisingly the foodie offering was the highlight for us – not only was the food of a really impressive quality and available at a pretty bargain price of £5 per dish (not bad for dishes from Michelin-starred menus!), but it was lovely to see all the famous chefs themselves on the pass at their different pop-ups, personally supervising that fabulous food. We made a concerted effort to try all the menus on offer and everything was delicious, but Paul Ainsworth’s food particularly stood out – we’re just saying, Taste of Bath founder Helen went back not once, or twice, but three times for his risotto…

Helen and andrew
Andrew Pern from The Star Inn, what a dude!

It was fantastic to work with Tom Kerridge, Pub in the Park, a whole team of outstanding chefs, and Brand Events, the company behind it all, to bring that local connection to this fabulous festival – and we’re already excited to encourage them to do it all again next summer. Just to remind them exactly what makes Bath such an incredible foodie destination, we sent over a hamper to Brand Events too, and had this back – ‘Thank you so much, it’s amazing! Lots of happy people in the office this afternoon!’ That’s what it’s all about!



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