Orzo with Courgette Pesto & Chilli Prawns

This is a quick and easy dish that’s absolutely packed with fresh sunshine flavours. A quick pesto made with basil, courgette, lemon and garlic makes the perfect partner for stir-fried prawns, with a kick of chilli warmth from one of our favourite products, Original Somerset Hot Sauce.

Orzo & fork


180g orzo

1 courgette

A big handful of fresh basil leaves

1 small garlic clove

A small handful of pine nuts

Coarse sea salt

Olive oil

Lemon zest

150g peeled king prawns

Original Somerset Hot Sauce


Serves 2-4


1.  First, get the orzo cooking – follow the instructions on the packet.

2.  While the orzo cooks, you can start making the sauce. Dice the courgette as finely as you can, then get it sizzling gently (so that it doesn’t crisp up) in a little melted butter and a splash of olive oil.

3.  To make the pesto, set aside a couple of basil leaves to garnish, then put the rest in a mortar with the pine nuts, a good pinch of coarse sea salt, a splash of olive oil and the peeled and chopped garlic clove. Pound with the pestle until you have a thick paste with the ingredients well combined – add a little more olive oil to loosen it up if necessary.

4.  Add the pesto to the courgettes with a dollop of Original Somerset Hot Sauce, a grating of lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice. Once the orzo is cooked, drain it and stir through the courgettes, then season to taste.

5.  Finally, cook the prawns in a little melted butter and a generous drizzle of Original Somerset Hot Sauce, until they’re pink and the sauce is starting to caramelise. Divide the orzo between plates and top with the prawns, fresh basil leaves and a little more lemon zest.

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