Eating Well & Doing Good, with Taste of Bath

At Taste of Bath, we’re proud to work with every single one of our producers – they all bring something special and worth celebrating to our hampers, whether they’re talented artisans creating delicious treats themselves, or keen foodies seeking out unmissable delicacies and bringing them to market. But did you know that some of them also work with charities to make the world a better place? This week, we want to shout about a few of our favourite producers and the great organisations they’re involved with.

Magic Breakfast tea

First up is Teahuggers, who (as you might have guessed) supply us with gorgeous tea – but what you might not guess is that when you buy a box of their Breakfast Tea, you’re helping provide meals for hungry kids in the UK too. Teahuggers collaborate with Magic Breakfast, a charity set up to bring breakfast to kids at school in underprivileged areas, who might otherwise have started the day without anything to eat. Not only does everyone deserve a good breakfast, but it also gives them the energy and focus to get the most out of their education too – so we think that’s a win/win.

Cacao Crunch

A little further afield, Naturya (who supply us with their tasty Cacao Crunch) are also doing their best to give a hand to those less fortunate. Their cacao powder comes from a Fairtrade supplier in Peru, working with farming cooperatives all over the country to support small-scale producers and get them the best deal for their crop. Naturya is keen to help producers focus on sustainability and minimalize environmental impact, and cocoa is a great crop to focus on as it naturally thrives in the shade of other trees, encouraging the preservation of biodiversity in the Amazon jungle. We think it’s the responsibility of all foodies to be aware of the key issue of sustainability, to make sure our treats aren’t coming at the expense of the next generation.


Finally, there’s Bath Gin, who make one of our favourite tipples. Their mixer of choice comes from the Navaisha Tonic Company, who make their beautiful pale pink tonic with Navaisha fever trees in Kenya, and work with the Navaisha Children’s Centre to look after homeless kids in the local community. The Bath Gin Company is the UK distributor for Navaisha tonic, and they’re proud to help support the brilliant work done by the Children’s Centre.

So whether you love a good cuppa, start the day with a sprinkle of Cacao Crunch on your porridge, or finish it with a cheeky G&T, in buying from these companies via Taste of Bath you’re helping those less fortunate – and we say cheers to that.

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