The Perfect Dirty Chai

If you’ve never tried Henny & Joe’s Chai, then you’re seriously missing out – it’s a fabulously original product, bringing you all the delicious spice flavours of traditional chai in a beautiful dark, rich syrup. Combine it with frothy milk and a shot of Roundhill Roastery’s Limited Edition Bath Coffee, and you’ve got what’s known as a dirty chai latte – a cosy winter warmer that will perk you up on a cold day.

Latte 6


About 600ml whole milk

A vanilla pod

3 tbsp Henny & Joe’s Chai

2 shots of Limited Edition Bath Coffee

Ground cinnamon, for sprinkling

Serves 2

1. First, fill up your favourite mugs with milk, and then pour into a small saucepan. Add the vanilla pod and heat gently on the hob.

2. In the meantime, make up the coffee – pop two heaped tablespoons of coffee into a small cafetière, and add a small splash of boiling water. Leave to steep for 30 seconds, to wake the coffee up, then add another 200ml of boiling water and leave for a little longer.

3. Once the coffee is giving off plenty of steam and starting to get frothy, remove the vanilla pod and stir through 3 tbsp of Henny & Joe’s Chai. Then, use an electric whisk to whisk the milk until there’s a nice layer of froth on top.

4. Plunge the cafetière and divide the coffee between two mugs, and then top up with the warm milk. Finish with a layer of froth and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon.


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