An Interview with… Clare, Business Development Manager

As you might have noticed, Taste of Bath has been going from strength to strength, and a few months ago we were delighted to welcome a new member of the team, Clare Truphet. As Taste of Bath expands its offering for corporate clients, Clare will be working with those brilliant businesses, so we thought it was time you all got to know her a little better…

What’s your background?

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and had good food in my life – my mum was a brilliant cook. But I wouldn’t really have described myself as a ‘proper foodie’ until I started working for Riverford Organic, running a pop-up restaurant. The team were incredibly passionate about their work and they were always taking me to new places and introducing me to new things, which really got me inspired. Then I started in my previous job, which was in the foodie side of the ski industry, providing gourmet ski chalet experiences in the Alps. The unique selling point of the whole business was fantastic food.

What attracted you to Taste of Bath?

I’ve always been interested in the provenance of my food, trying to eat local and seasonal, so the ethos of Taste of Bath was really appealing to me. I love working with people who are pursuing their passions and genuinely care about what they do – so as soon as I met Helen, I knew that we were going to get along! And, of course, there’s all the delicious food I get to try…

What’s been your favourite new discovery?

There’s so much good stuff to choose from, but I think my favourite has to be In A Pickle’s Hot Date chutney – it might be the best chutney I’ve ever tasted. And I love the Fussels’ Classic Mayonnaise, too – last week I served it with a lovely salmon fillet topped with herby Parmesan breadcrumbs, and new potatoes. I can highly recommend it!

I’m also new to Bath, so I’ve been really enjoying discovering some brilliant new places to eat out. One of my absolute favourites is Hunter and Sons – their homemade beans on toast with Westcombe cheddar is just incredible. I also love Boston Tea Party, not just for their food but because of what they stand for – their commitment to sustainability, to local sourcing, to working with charities and communities. It’s so inspiring that they’ve managed to preserve their values as the business grows, and I want to help Taste of Bath do the same.

What’s your vision for Taste of Bath?

Well, my vision is really for Taste of Bristol – that’s what I’ll be turning my attention towards, working with Helen to champion local producers and new clients in Bristol. Watch this space!

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