The Most Important Meal of the Day

For too many people, breakfast is exactly the same every morning – something quick, easy and frankly boring, scoffed down as quickly as possible on the way to work, or whilst trying to get the kids to school on time. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so here at Taste of Bath, we like to accord it the respect it deserves, enjoying something that’s delicious, nourishing and sets you up properly for the day. Here are a few of our breakfast favourites…

Delicious granola full of good things, from The Oven

At The Oven, they spend their mornings making sourdough, and then as the ovens are cooling at the end of day, they bake their incredible granola, with organic jumbo oats, seeds, nuts and raisins, and a little brown sugar, vanilla and golden syrup. Even with a splash of creamy, ice-cold milk it stays gorgeously crunchy, and makes the ultimate low-effort breakfast for mornings when you need a boost.

If you’re more of a porridge person, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered too. Naturya’s Cacao Crunch is a mix of cacao, hemp, mulberries, chia and goji, so it’s both fabulously chocolatey and really good for you too. As well as making a great topping for porridge, you can also sprinkle it on a bowl of natural yoghurt, a smoothie bowl or a fruit salad, or just grab a handful to nibble at any time of the day, for a quick refuel.

Cacao Crunch
Naturya’s Cacao Crunch blend

Prefer to start your day with a piece of toast? We highly recommend Fox Gourmet Foods’ Raspberry & Earl Grey Jam – the rich, tangy fruit flavour is balanced deliciously by a floral hint of Earl Grey tea. Spread on a thick doorstep of nutty granary bread or hot buttered crumpets, for a little comfort food.

To wash it all down, we have a selection of gorgeous locally-produced teas and coffees. Roundhill Roastery’s Roasted Finca coffee, one of our bestsellers, has a smooth, fruity flavour with a nutty pecan finish, and comes pre-ground so it’s easy to make in your favourite cafetière. For tea-drinkers, we have exquisite, classic breakfast tea and Earl Grey from Teahuggers, or for something a little different, may we suggest Leafy Tea’s Indulge blend? It’s a black tea with a lower caffeine content, making it perfect for more chilled-out mornings, and a natural coconut flavour that goes beautifully with hot milk.

The Taste of Bath Coffee Collection

Life’s too short for bad breakfast, so do yourself a favour and start the day properly. You can find all of these products popping up in our Bath Boxes (order our Tea-Tasting Experience box, if you’d like to try all the different teas we offer, or get our Coffee Collection, complete with chocolate and cake, for a mid-morning pick-me-up) or you can buy them individually through our online shop.

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