Bath’s Best Cheeses

Few things are better than a really good cheese board. With the right combination of accompaniments, it’s the perfect way to round off a meal, or simply to pass those pleasant nibblish hours at the end of the afternoon. Thanks to the multi-award-winning Bath Soft Cheese Co, Bath is blessed with some seriously good stuff, so it seemed only right to create a Bath Box dedicated to the ultimate cheese board.

Bath Cheese Box £55

The Bath Soft Cheese Co is based at Park Farm, where the Padfield family have been raising cows for four generations. In 1990, Graham decided to revive the old family tradition of cheese-making, and the original Bath Soft Cheese itself.

The Bath Soft Cheese has an incredible pedigree, going all the way back to 1801, and is reputed to have been one of Admiral Lord Nelson’s favourites – all we can say is, the man had taste. It’s a luxuriously gooey cheese, with subtle hints of lemon and a soft white rind a little like Brie. Our second star of the cheese board is Bath Blue, which is quite possibly the best blue cheese we’ve ever tasted – and you don’t have to take our word for it. Bath Blue won the 2014 World Cheese Awards, triumphing over cheeses from 33 countries to be declared, literally, the best cheese in the world. It’s rich and sharp with a proper kick to it, and has a beautiful velvety texture so that it melts in the mouth like butter. Finally, there’s Wyfe of Bath – a traditionally-made semi-hard cheese with a lovely creamy, nutty flavour. Taking its name from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, it’s a little slice of Olde England.


Bath Oliver Biscuits


Of course, while it’s eminently possible to eat cheese all by itself (we’ve been there, we’re not judging), we think it’s even better with the right accompaniments, so we’ve carefully selected the best Bath has to offer. Bath Oliver biscuits were invented here by one Dr William Oliver, around 1750, and they’ve been incredibly popular ever since. We think they’re the perfect cracker for cheese, with great crisp texture and a subtle flavour that complements but doesn’t overwhelm. PIckle


To balance the richness of the cheeses, we absolutely love a good chutney from In A Pickle, so we’ve included two of our very favourites. Award-winning In A Pickle Lily is their take on the classic piccalilli, combining plenty of crunchy vegetables in a mild mustard pickle – we think it goes nicely with Wyfe of Bath. Our second choice from In A Pickle, Hot Date, brings together apples, dates and a hint of curry spice to make a sweet chutney that’s perfect with Bath Blue.

For a final treat, we’ve included one more thing for you to nibble on – Somerset Charcuterie‘s hugely popular Red Wine & Draycott Blue Cheese Pokers. These little beauties are like miniature salamis, and if you couldn’t guess from that fantastic flavour combination, they’re both absolutely delicious and incredibly moreish. We defy you not to fight over who gets the last one. _5234

 Have we tempted you? If you know a cheese fiend who deserves a treat (or you simply fancy it yourself), then you just can’t do better than our Bath Cheese Feast Box. Get all the juicy details and place your order here.

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