Five Must-Try Bath Breweries

The Bath Booze Box is one of our absolute bestsellers – and it’s not hard to see why, because we’ve managed to squeeze five of Bath’s most brilliant breweries into one beautiful package. They’re all extremely good at what they do, but take very distinct approaches, which makes the Bath Booze Box a perfect present for any beer or cider fan looking to explore something a little different. Here’s what you’ll find inside…

The Bath Booze Box

Honey & Daughter are the cider-making team behind the legendary Stoney Bonk, a gorgeous combination of their excellent Honeys Midford cider and fiery ginger beer. Stoney Bonk revives a traditional Somerset recipe, and when nicely chilled it’s just the perfect thirst-quencher for a hot summer day. Completely unique and delicious, you’ve got to try this one.

£3.25 Stoney Bonk

Electric Bear Brewing is a fantastic creative brewery, combining serious brewing know-how with a love of experimentation and sense of fun that makes their beers totally unique. We’ve chosen two of their most popular beers, a crisp, citrusy lager, Pilsner, and a smooth golden session ale named Persuasion, in honour of Jane Austen (who loved a good pint – honest). These two little beauties are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.


Electric Bear Beers £2.95


Albion Brewing Co is one of Bath’s best-kept secrets – an operation so tiny it’s not even a microbrewery but a Pico-brewery (producing just 65l of beer in a batch), which means these bottles have serious rarity value. We’ve chosen Tempest, an unusual rye ale made with juniper berries and German yeast, which also gives it a hint of cloves and winter fruit. Definitely one to discover for craft beer fans.


The Tempest £3.25


Kettlesmith Brewing are all about creating a delicious modern take on traditional beer styles, and they’re on a self-appointed mission to get foodies to take beer as seriously as they do wine. We’ve chosen Faultline, a hoppy pale ale that they suggest pairing with strong flavours like a good curry, and Outline, an amber session ale that goes beautifully with roasted red meats. Check out their website for more great advice on food & beer matching.


Kettlesmith Beers £3.75


Iford Cider is a lovely little cider company, going back to basics and doing things as naturally as possible. Their cider is fermented using the wild yeasts which occur naturally on ancient apple varieties, and their motto is ‘never from concentrate’. Their cider is gorgeously smooth on the palate and full of juicy flavour – we’ve given you one of each to try, but we love the sweet, medium cider for its gentle sparkle and floral notes. Perfect easy-drinking for lazy afternoons.


Iford Ciders £3.25


Thirsty yet? Get a fabulous twelve-bottle selection from these five excellent breweries for just £55, all carefully packed in golden straw and our trademark black and white Bath Box – click here for more information and to place your order. Cheers!

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