The Perfect Gift

Here at Taste of Bath, we know that gift-buying can be a massive headache. You don’t want to buy someone more miscellaneous stuff that just clutters up the cupboards. You want it to be special, unique, just right for them, something they haven’t got already. And you don’t want to spend loads of time and money sorting it out either. What to do?

Well, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve got the answer. We’ve been working hard on the problem and now offer the solution to all your gift-buying dilemmas, the perfect present for any occasion: the Bath Box!

The Bath Box

Need a gift for mum? We know what it’s like – she tells you she doesn’t need anything, but you want to treat her. Our luxury ladies’ collection (above) is full of goodies that are guaranteed to get you serious brownie points, from Teahuggers Magic Breakfast tea and delicious foraged Elderberry Jam (perfect for breakfast in bed) to Bath Gin and gorgeously moreish Pistachio Provenance pistachios (ideal for a pre-dinner tipple). Or what about presents for the boys? Dads, brothers, boyfriends, husbands – they can all be difficult to buy for. Luckily we’ve created the luxury men’s collection (top), featuring great local beer and cider plus delicious nibbles to soak up the booze, like Somerset Charcuterie’s saucission with blue cheese & red wine, Bath Blue cheese and In A Pickle’s Hot Date chutney.

Got a foodie friend with a particular obsession? Don’t worry, we’ve catered for them too. For chocoholics, we’ve selected the very best bars from local chocolatiers Seven Hills, as well as a box of truffles from Choc on Choc and the Organic Cake Co’s amazing chocolate chip cookies. To wash it all down, there’s Seven Hill’s gorgeous luxury hot chocolate and a bottle of Henny & Joe’s chai syrup, delicious with steamed milk. Or perhaps they have more of a savoury tooth? Our cheese-lovers’ box (below) features three of Bath Soft Cheese’s bestsellers, plus Bath Oliver crackers and a couple of delicious jars of chutney from In A Pickle.

The Bath Box

It’s not all about the no-holds-barred indulgence either – we’re firm believers that food-lovers can be healthy too, and we’ve rounded up some delicious treats to prove it in our Healthy Choices box, from snacking (The Oven’s gorgeous granola and Pistachio Provenance’s nibblesome nuts) to cooking (Bath Rapeseed Oil and Bath Farm Girls organic quinoa).

We simply haven’t got space here to cover them all, but we’ve got a gorgeous selection of 20 different collections in the Bath Box range, so whatever you need, we’re bound to have it! Check out the full range here and find gifts for coffee-lovers, tea-drinkers, those who like to get boozy and those who avoid the hard stuff, and occasions from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. Prices start from just £40 and once you’ve made your choice (and added a personal message absolutely free), we’ll take care of everything else, including wrapping it all up beautifully. How can you possibly resist?

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