Taste of Bath showcases Bath producers at Parliament.

This week was pretty momentous!

Taste of Bath hosted a food roadshow of Bath produce in the Jubilee room at the House of Commons!

Jane: Pistachio Provenance, Richard Graham MP, Jess: Bath Soft Cheese, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Esther: Tea Huggers, Ben Howlett MP (left to right)

Ben Howlett MP and Jacob Rees-Mogg sponsored the event, hosting 8 producers for 4 hours in a room just off the Great Westminster Hall.

After a successful event in June 2016, Ben Howlett invited Taste of Bath back for another showcase. This time took eight different producers, bring a different Taste of Bath to London.

Leafy Tea, April Collins (17) with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The joy of doing this was hanging out with all the other producers and enjoying banter with the MPs.”   “Nick Shearn, Seven Hills Chocolate

From a producers perspective, it is AMAZING. Meg’s Cottage fudge secured a lucrative deal with the HOC gift shop! The super Bath salesman himself, Ben Howlett MP escorted various producers to the shops/ bars in parliament trying to secure new wholesale contracts for them all.

We were delighted that the event was so well attended with about 350 people over the four hours.

We had some pretty big hitters in to visit too!! With Andrea Leadsom, Jo Johnson MP and the legend that is Jacob Rees-Mogg MP!

The Secetary of state for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs was very impressed with the wide variety of Independent businesses in Bath & North East Somerset” Ben Howlett MP

It was also great to get the support from Visit Bath who came to promote the city and fly the flag for the Independents of Bath. Rather good timing, with Ben’s campaigning for Business rate reduction! Which I can tell is HOT TOPIC in our Independent business world!

“It was a great pleasure to welcome such a wide variety of producers to Parliament. This was a great opportunity to show off what Bath & North East Somerset has to offer for those who want to support British produce as well as encouraging everyone to take a trip to the region. The area is a fantastic place to visit, with the unique spa town as well as an excellent Independent business sector” Ben Howlett MP

Taste of Bath also used the opportunity to promote a new business collaboration with Three Bags Full:  a new eco-courier system in and around Bath.


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