Meet the Founder of Taste of Bath

Helen Rich, Founder of Taste of Bath

I always wanted to run my own business. I knew that you had to come up with an original concept.

Forever ambitious, never shy & not lacking in balls I knew I just needed that idea.

Taste of Bath is a simple concept:

‘Making local artisan produce accessible to customers UK wide’

Sounds simple? Obvious… Surely every city has this?

The BIG IDEA came on a walk around Kielder Water (Northumberland).

Having one of those life changing chats you have with your husband… what am I passionate about? What do I want to dedicate my life too?


It has always been food, from making bread by scratch with Mum at the age of 4, to hosting dinner parties at 13 and padding around Parisian markets at 19.

As a busy retail manager travelling the country opening stores, I only had time to shop online. I wanted great produce, local to me and made by passionate artisans… But going to farmer’s markets & wandering round delis… I just don’t have time!

People don’t have time! People want local food, made by amazing artisan producers without the hassle!



Make local artisan food available online & send it UK wide.

So we spent our holiday online, checking out the competition, surely this exists already? We saw that the online market was dominated by hamper companies; some specialising in mass produce, generic dull hampers… boring! No city based, local artisan produce, online mecca?

Issue was I knew nothing about food production.

If your going to co-ordinate producers across a city and potential in numerous cities, you need to understand how it is being a producer!

So in September 2014, I started Rich Pickings: Terrines & Pates.


I taught myself to butcher & experimented with (some not so successful) recipes. Our 2nd bedroom became home to 4 huge fridges. I worked through the legislation and Health & Safety requirements for the highest risk food group in the UK (Pate).

For two years we traded at Bath Farmers Market & Frome Independent Market giving us amazing experiences meeting producers, trying new products and ultimately making a lot of new chums.

This was amazing experience: enabling me to really understand producers & their world!

In 2 years I created 48 different types of Terrines, Pates, Parfaits & Rillettes.


In August 2015, 3 years after the idea was conceived, I started to work on Taste of Bath!

I thought it would be daft not to try and be launched by Christmas, so lets just say it was a pretty NUTS time.

Branding, photography, packaging, suppliers, website! Poor husband was lured into trying to create a website (on holiday again)… in the end, we decided to get a pro (We are Grizzly) who created the amazing website for us.

Handmade in Yorkshire

The Crates were a defining moment for us.

Handmade in Yorkshire by Jarrod and his team. Totally in line with our ethos.

These were desirable, reusable and iconic. Unlike the generic wickers that our competitors used.

We launched in November 2015.

A simple format: 3 hampers sent UK wide.

There are many highlights for me in the previous year (2016)

I feel that the highlight for me was being shortlisted as a finalist at Bath Life Awards! Best Newcomer! You can read why our journey has been SO exciting here.


The best thing about my life is my business… the hard graft, the long hours and sometimes the tears have been worth it! My husband is pretty lush too!


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