What our producers say…

Cast your mind back to Nov 15′, the founding of Taste of Bath; hampers of local food & promoting small Bath producers. Little did we know…

Taste of Bath became a platform, the one-stop shop for Bath producers. We are approached daily by local press, retailers, hoteliers and  businesses all eager to engage with our producers. With showcases in Waitrose, public tasting events & food roadshow at the House of Commons. Spotlight pieces in Bath life, The Bath Magazine and Crumbs Magazine. We get opportunities they just couldn’t get alone.

Here are some awesome articles published about our producers: Bath Quinoa / Electric Bear Brewing Company / Fussels Fine Foods / Henny & Joes Chai / Honey Midford Cider / Round Hill Roastery/ Somerset Hot Sauce Company

In 2016, we sent 30,000 items nationwide for our producers, that’s a potential 30,000 new customers engaged with artisan crafted Bath products. Our wholesale purchasing was £14,000, pumping much needed funds back into the local producers pocket.

Henny & Joes: Taste Pop event at Great Bath Feast

Here is what some of our producers said about Taste of Bath…

What a great idea Taste of Bath has turned out to be, showcasing local food products to the rest of the country so that they too can enjoy the bounty that Bath has to offer. From a suppliers point of view it is absolutely brilliant that we are significantly included on the website, not just as a product snapshot, but a whole supplier profile giving us the exposure, and therefore the opportunity to grow our businesses nationwide. Steph Anderson, In a Pickle

Helen is a passionate foodie and has done a brilliant job with her Taste of Bath hampers. She has brought together passionate foodie companies from around Bath and packaged their products beautifully for foodies around the country who love to eat and drink great produce. Her passion and enthusiasm means that no stone is unturned as she searches for opportunities for the brands that she represents.” Esther, Tea Huggers

“Taste of Bath has been incredible in supporting food and drink producers in the Bath area. She always goes above and beyond when shouting about her producers. She’s always pushing for more community events which is what Bath is all about”  Ashley Bailey, Henny & Joes

We were fortunate to be asked to be included in the newly established Taste of Bath Hampers in 2016. It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our limited edition preserves in and around Bath and of course further afield. As a small company ourselves, we don’t have the capacity to market and service beyond Bristol and Bath at present, so the Taste of Bath Hampers are a brilliant way of being able to reach out to other parts of the country. Chris, Heavenly Hedgerows

The enthusiasm Helen has for Taste of Bath and helping local food producers in the area is amazing. I have certainly found her advice, feedback and suggestions very useful as we look to develop our business further. At the same time having an online outlet for our products has been beneficial in expanding our footprint and interest in our range of beers. Harry Speller, Albion Brewing Company

Taste of Bath has been a wonderful addition to the local food scene. Helen’s passion and determination shine through and her vision of offering amazing and varied products with a local provenance gives customers the opportunity to buy something special while giving a boost to local suppliers. Nick Shearn, Seven Hills Chocolates

Helen at Taste of Bath has been unflagging in her determination to promote the artisan goods made in and around Bath. She charmed her way into a tasting session at Waitrose, she got us all into the Houses of Parliament and sold a fair bit of product to boot. Her drive and enthusiasm is a blessing for Bath and all its food producers. Hugh Padfield, Bath Soft Cheese

‘Helen very much has her finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding the local market. As one of the first to stock our quinoa, Helen has persistently offered us many opportunities to market our produce from Westminster to Waitrose! Helen has also been the anchor point for a lot of independent business in Bath, regularly encouraging us to meet up and share ideas. Taste of Bath is not only a thriving business but a business who actively champions Baths producers. Emily Addicott Sauvao, founder of Bath Farm Girls | Quinoa 

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  1. Sally says:

    What wonderful things people have said, it’s fantastic! Helen, you are just fab to work with and your enthusiasm is so infectious. X


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